During the Sunday breakout sessions, the following Roundtables will be part of the sessions to choose from.

Please note that some of these sessions are for Leaders only


Sunday, August 29th 9:15-10:15

The Truth about LeadershipLEADERS ONLY

As a result of attending this session, either digitally or in person, attendees will examine their own thoughts on leadership as well as to have the opportunity to discuss leadership and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.  Each leader brings perspective to the table and through this dialogue, ideas will be generated.  It is our hope that attendees will use this opportunity to personally challenge their thinking and knowledge of leadership.   The outcome of this one-hour session would be personal growth in our role as leaders.  We hope you will join us!

In preparation, we would like to ask each of you to do some thinking and if possible, make some notes to yourself in preparation for this session. What does leadership mean to you?  What does it ‘look like’? What makes a good leader? Am I a good leader and if so, ‘why’?  Am I an ‘ok’ leader and if so, why do I feel that way and what do I need to be a more effective leader?

Range drills for every skill – LEADERS ONLY

With so many firearm skills and skill levels we have to get creative on what range time looks like for each meeting. In this session we will be discussing range drills to train for a specific skill and then breaking down different ways to use it for the various skill level of the member.


Sunday,  August 29th 11-12

The path to leadership – moving from consumer to contributorFor members

In this interactive roundtable session, designed for chapter members, we will be discussing the process of becoming a leader. For some this means how do I step into a team when an invitation arises, for others this may mean how do I contribute when not on the leadership team?


So many skill levels so little time – LEADERS ONLY

In this session chapter leaders will be discussing just how to run the instruction on and off the range to keep every level of member engaged, learning and growing.


Preventing Leader Burnout – LEADERS ONLY

It so oftentimes can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, working to manage our day to day lives and then there is your chapter. You work so hard to plan meetings, communicate with members, hold meetings, etc. It’s easy to begin to experience burn out, so how do you prevent it and how do you come back from experiencing it? Let’s discuss it together.