Bob Cutajar (pronounced “coo-TIE-err”) is a retired Army colonel, helicopter pilot, paratrooper, sniper, NRA and USCCA instructor, and currently runs the Center for HazMat, Rescue and Safety at Cincinnati State College. He created the first college-level Active Shooter (Killer) Awareness and Safety Workshop in the U.S. and has taught that course to hundreds of individuals in houses of worship, schools, and small businesses as well as Fortune Global Top 25 corporations. Bob also teaches the military, law enforcement and civilian versions of the military’s Combat Lifesaver / Tactical Combat Casualty Care program.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Understanding and Surviving an Active Shooter (Killer) Event

 This session addresses workplace violence and active shooter (killer) events; the first half provides information about definitions and legal considerations, as well as data, research, and statistics on such events. The second half of the session provides information on how to prepare yourself, your family and your place of business to prevent, survive and prevail during and after an active shooter (killer) event.