Casey Woods is the founder and Executive Director of FORGE, the only national non-profits specifically focused on working from within the firearms community on transformative, non-political efforts to prevent gun suicide and gun homicide. FORGE has two major initiatives. The Firearms Security Alliance is focused on cutting off a key
source of crime guns by preventing gun theft, through a partnership-based approach that provides new tools and resources for individuals, organizations, ranges, firearms instructors, law enforcement and other community leaders. The Overwatch Project empowers gun owners, starting with the veteran community, to. intervene with friends and loved ones to prevent suicide through protective firearm storage measures – following the successful peer-intervention model of the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign.


Come learn about the incredible work TWAW Chapter Leaders and Members are doing to prevent crime and save lives with the #ProtectWhatProtectsYou campaign! At last year’s TWAW Leadership Conference, Chapter Leaders learned from the Firearms Security Alliance about the prevalence of firearms theft and how to protect themselves from this common threat. Since then, TWAW Chapter Leaders and Members have become #ProtectWhatProtectsYou
Champions by raising awareness in their TWAW meetings and beyond. This session will highlight case studies of TWisters who have promoted the campaign in community groups, firearms classes, gun ranges and with local law enforcement partners. The FSA will also unveil new tools and resources developed for TWAW Chapters that make it easy to replicate that success and spread the word about theft prevention. Together, we can make our communities
safer for everyone!