Il Ling New combines two decades of global business experience with another twenty years as a professional firearms instructor, to create practical training for daily life. Il Ling grew up hunting and guiding with her father’s outfitting business, and was the first female captain of the Yale University shooting team. Forty years ago, she was sent (by her dad) to the Gunsite Academy, where she trained under Jeff Cooper in the use of firearms—and the mind–for self-defense. She credits that foundational experience with forging a lifelong pursuit of heightening defense and protection–for herself, her loved ones, and her students. An instructor at the Gunsite Academy since 2001, Il Ling is also a certified trainer for the Department of Interior, a NRA instructor, and NSCA instructor. Retired from guiding, she focuses on delivering curricula to strengthen mental patterns for self-protection, and to maximize effectiveness with firearms.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Team You! How to turn your mother-in-law (or anyone else) into a tactical teammate!

Join Il Ling for a conversation about how anyone can (and should!) be a valuable member of their very own personal protection team.  From kids to grown-ups, we all can decrease risk, increase security, and be effective force multipliers.  No firearms? No problem! Identify specific strengths among you and your cohorts, and learn how to weave them into a unique protective shield.

This interactive session will also send you home with fun and eye-opening skill-builders to help you strengthen your family, friends, and chapter sisters.