Laura Evans

Raised to fear guns, Laura Evans was an anti-gun mom for much of her adult life. When a career move landed her in the firearms industry, she sought to learn as much as she could about firearms and the gun culture. Throughout that journey, she learned the confidence and skills to protect herself and her family, plus steadfast respect for the Second Amendment’s importance.

As a DC Project delegate from New York State, Laura has participated in more than 40 face-to-face meetings with Senators, U.S. Representatives, and their staffs on Capitol Hill. She works with them to build long-term relationships, educates them about female gun owners, responsible gun ownership, and encourages consideration of the negative consequences of additional gun legislation.

Evans utilizes her knowledge of the shooting sports industry to assist the DC Project in building relationships through effective communication and strategic partnerships. She has spent the past 12+ years increasing visibility for companies in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Second Amendment Advocacy – DC Project, Laura Evans & Beth Walker

Take this opportunity to learn how to become a Second Amendment advocate and why it is important. Beth and Laura will explain the mission of the project, why Second Amendment advocacy is important, and how you can become an advocate. Develop the skills and tools to “Protect Your Family, Preserve Your Rights”.