Shelley is co-owner, marketing director, manager, and Instructor at The Complete Combatant. She is an Active Self Protection Certified Instructor, holds a co-title with Karen Whitlock as the first Modern Samurai Project’s Red Dot Certified Instructor in the Country. NRA Certified Instructor, Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor and is a Certified OC (Pepper Spray) Instructor through Chuck Haggard’s Agile Training & Consulting. She is the designed and mastermind behind Image Based Decisional Drills, Smart Choices, and The Complete Combatant’s annual The Mingle for professional ladies in the “firearms/self-defense” industry. Shelley is a presenter at Active Self Protection’s (2019, 2020 and 2021) and A Girl and A Gun’s National Conference (2021). She is a public speaker and loves to train!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Image Based Decisional Drills: The Importance of Decisional Training

Image Based Decisional Drills is a well thought out dry practice or live fire exercise with a deck of 21 cards that provide IMAGES that will help you to recognize danger to make smart decisions ahead of time. The image-based learning system is another beneficial step on your way to making good decisions quickly. This will be an interactive course.