The goal of this chapter is to provide a low-key, non-intimidating environment for you to learn about protecting yourself, improving your situational awareness, and defending your home in a manner consistent with your lifestyle.

I will be planning different topics for each meeting and inviting guest speakers to expand both our knowledge and competence as it relates to the world of firearms training. These include reviewing the basics, working to more advanced skills, first aid, and simunition/non-leathal ammunition. My goal for these clinics is to help you feel more confident and empowered about your firearm and feel comfortable about handling and discharging it in a safe manner. Also, I want to be flexible enough in our get-togethers to address local and current events as we feel they pertain to our group. But most of all, I would like to hear what your goals and interests are when attending these clinics.

Along with the discussion portion of the meeting we will have the opportunity to shoot on the range in air conditioning! For those of you who have been standing in the freezing cold or 100º heat on the outdoor range, you know how exciting this will be not to have to fight against the elements! This state of the art, squeaky-clean, female-friendly range is just off the tollway and less than 10 miles north of the Beretta Gallery. It is by far the most convenient location for all of our Ladies of Beretta and to anyone residing in and around the Dallas area.

We meet every 3rd Tuesday during the Ladies' Night event at the range. I believe this will be an optimal time for us to meet, as we will be extended the Tuesday Special: free handgun rentals and $5 range fees. This is a huge discount!

No matter your level of training, be it a first-time shooter, or someone who "grew up with guns," I would be thrilled at the opportunity to pass along my knowledge regarding firearms, first aid, and personal protection in an effort to assist all North Dallas TWAW chapter members to achieve their goals!

Please come, hang out, have fun, and let’s grow together!


Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of the month

Times: 6pm

Dallas North, TX member
$50.00 / year

Our Supporters

Eagle Gun Range

14400 Midway Rd Farmers Branch TX 75244
Eagle Gun Range