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TWAW Shooting Chapters Inc. exists to educate and empower women in a safe and non-threatening environment for their effective and responsible self-defense with a firearm.

Today, it is more important than ever for women to have the ability to effectively and safely handle, carry and store a firearm. TWAW Shooting Chapters provide the focused opportunity that speaks to them as women. To accomplish this important mission, we rely on the donations from people like you. Thank you for supporting our important work. 

Each chapter is led by volunteer Chapter Leaders, Instructors and Range Safety Officers who give of their time to assist women as they grow as shooters. Each monthly meeting has group time for discussion on topics such as; how to clean your handgun, safe storage, understanding the laws and finding the right concealed carry holster for their needs. The women also spend time on the supervised range to practice and hone their shooting skills. We currently have 249 chapters in 49 states across the US!

We see women of all ages begin with nothing but a fear of guns and watch them transform into confident and competent self-protectors. The smiles and the glow of their new found confidence is priceless. One elderly woman shared that she lost her husband and he was always her protector but now TWAW Shooting Chatpers is going to give her the confidence she needs to start her new life without him. One participant in Michigan was found at the door in tears. When asked why she was crying and leaving, she shared that she would never be able to learn to shoot, that her hands hurt so much, she just wasn’t strong enough and would never try shooting again.  She had come to the shoot with a large .357  revolver that her husband had bought for her. The Chapter Leader tenderly encouraged her to come and try again, this time she was given a .22 caliber handgun.  After shooting the rest of the night she proudly showed off the tight grouping that she had made in the center of the target with a huge grin on her face.  

This is what TWAW Shooting Chapters are all about and why we are here for women. 

Thank you for your partnership in our efforts to change lives!

Carrie Lightfoot

Board Chairwoman

EIN 47-2485300 (501(c)(3)