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TWAW Mat-Su Chapter

Hello Ladies,

I have decided to jump back in and rebuild the Mat-Su Chapter. Assisting me is Michelle Showers and Annie Pluth.  We will have support from our past leaders as well. We are dedicated in keeping the sisterhood strong!

Please be patient with us as we work on the schedule and events for the monthly meetings. If you have let you membership expire, that’s is okay.  Come to our meeting and see if this is what you want to do before signing back up.  We hope to provide you with additional training techniques. Even if you have not take a basic pistol course we are here to help you. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower you.  We will be working on training tips, guest speakers and more. I would normal have these meeting on the weekend, but right now all of my weekends are full with teaching firearms classes.  After October we will try to move it to a weekend.

Our next meeting is scheduled for:

Date: July 29th

Time: 6 PM- 8PM

Location: 7610 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway, Palmer

Topic: Training on our Shooting Simulator

  • Bring a dish -It can be anything.” It’s LADIES NIGHT OUT!” Let’s have some fun!

About: POINT BLANK owns the only shooting simulator in the state of Alaska available to train civilians,
private corporations, government agencies, and law enforcement. This state-of- the-art shooting simulator is the closest thing you can get to reenact actual real-life conditions. It is the perfect training tool to sharpen your gun handling skills and challenge your decision making skills under stress. Our simulator will test participants by applying life-like scenarios ranging from home invasions, street robberies, traffic stops, active shooter, domestic calls, hostage situations and more.​

Video of the Shooting Simulator Training:


There are some of you I have not meet so I have added my mini bio so you can see my training and experience. I have been part of TWAW since 2012.  I have been the State Leader for Alaska, Board Member for TWAW and then the National Training Coordinator for all of TWAW. I stepped down after my father passed away about 2 years ago. I truly believe in the TWAW mission a enjoy teaching others. I look forward to working with all of you.

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Donna Anthony,


TWAW Mat-Su Chapter Leader


Office: 907-745-1133



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