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TWAW Mount Vernon Ohio Midwest Shooting Summit II – 2019

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24 available TWAW Mount Vernon Midwest Shooting Summit II - Attendance$130.00

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MOD 1 (move or die) – EAST GROUP TRAINING

The title of this course says it all – if you are not moving when an attach starts to unfold in front of you, that chalk outline on the ground in the shape of a body just might be yours. Attacks happen quickly and you must be ready to react, but we all know that reaction is slower than action (all else being equal) so how do we give ourselves a fighting chance? By Moving! This is something easier said than done without practice. Remember the saying (deer in the headlights) this is why all the rounds you fire during this course will be while moving. We’ll talk about some of the signs to look for when an attacker is ready to strike and some of the ways for you to move off that line of attack. We will also cover ways of moving that will offer the best chance for survival. Shooting techniques will be covered that will use how our bodies react naturally to get rounds on the threat, remember this is gun fighting not target shooting. If you’re not incorporating movement into your training routine then this course will be a real eye opener to its importance.
Prerequisites: Good basic gun handling skills. Also this is a physically demanding course with explosive movement so make sure you’re prepared.

Topics covered:
* Marksmanship Fundamentals
* Draw stroke from concealment
* Reloading
* Malfunctions
* Unconventional shooting positions
* Explosive Movement
* Use of Cover

Gear Requirements:
• Modern defensive pistol and correct holster (OWB, IWB, Appendix) NO shoulder or cross draw holsters.
• At least 2+ magazines with pouches
• 400-600 rounds of ammo
• Electronic ear protection
• Eye protection
• Concealment clothes appropriate for climate and conditions

$130 registration includes full 8 hour training day plus full lunch and snacks/cold beverages throughout the day and a certificate. Range Safety Briefing will take place at 8:30 with required attendance.

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The Farm

2535 Twp Rd 192 Wilson Rd
Fredericktown, OH 43019 United States
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