More ladies pulling the trigger on the range

More ladies pulling the trigger on the range Wednesday, July 29, 2020   |    Sarah Duley ( Original Story August is National Shooting Sports Month, and a study is pointing out that it won’t just be men and boys putting rounds down range. At least that’s what the steady rise in women joining the shooting […]

Bent n Ballistic Podcast – Episode 94

Podcasts Mike McKnight, Cherie Sintes-Glover TWAW Mother Lode Subjects discussed: Boat & PWC and ATV sales during COVID,Women driving gun sales in almost every state, women seeking training for new reasons,Millennial women,Training with other women as opposed to men,Women increase CCW applications,Shotgun training for women,The McCloskey Situation,Situational Awareness for women,Rural vs Suburban,Accessories for women,Sacramento is […]

Female Hunters on the Rise

Original Story Here By: Lauren Brant Gering Courier for the Gering Courier Seeking cover behind a tree, Maxine Wehling, 58, hen yelped as she called a turkey grazing across a river, roughly 140 yards away. It was spring turkey season and Wehling had paid attention to the animals’ migratory and feeding patterns throughout the year […]

County Sportsmen’s Association hosts new chapter of ‘Well-Armed Women’

See original story here Kirk Boxleitner Amy Pecott of Gig Harbor is one of nearly 20 women from across the Olympic Peninsula who make a monthly trip to the Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Association to educate themselves on proper firearms handling and safety. “It’s about an hour and a half’s drive for me,” said Pecott, […]

TWAW Sterling CO Anniversary

See original story here It can be difficult for a woman to find trusted guidance when it comes to owning and operating a firearm. Walking into most gun stores is intimidating and asking basic questions can be met with condescending answers. Or worse, the salesman insists you need a gun with “knockdown power,” and sells […]