Well Armed Woman helps its members get comfortable behind the trigger

By Jessica Benes Reporter-Herald Staff Writer                                                 POSTED:   08/01/2013 12:09:37 AM MDT Women practice pulling the trigger with a dime balanced on top of the guns. They take turns shooting around a mock shelter to aim at fake wannabe assailants made of wood. And the ladies form a sentry line of determination as […]

Local shooting chapters arm women with safety, confidence, camaraderie

Wednesday – 6/19/2013, 8:31am  ET                                                                                      Rachel Nania, wtop.com WASHINGTON – Last summer, C.B. found she could no longer afford to pay the rent for her Arlington, Va., apartment. So she packed up her belongings and moved her two tween boys to a local homeless shelter. But despite a roof over their heads, C.B. and her […]

Organization offers gun training exclusively to women

FOX 13 News Salt Lake City                                                                           Posted on: 10:15 pm, June 16, 2013, by Mark Green and Gene Kennedy DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – More women are arming themselves than ever before, and a new group of well-armed women has come together in Davis County. The group is a local branch of a national organization called The Well-Armed Woman, which, […]

Well Armed Woman members receive tactical firearm training

News 12 X11 CBS By: Helen Headlee Updated: Sat 11:03 PM, May 18, 2013 Members of the north Dallas chapter of The Well Armed Woman are taking tactical training. And their target? “I’m trying to become more comfortable handling a firearm,” said Sandy Murphy, who attended the training. “I want to get as good as […]

NBC 26 Special Report: Women Packing Heat

Green Bay, WI — It’s a nationwide movement that Wisconsin women are taking part in, arming themselves with guns. They’re doing it in groups, or as individuals for a number of reasons, even as the gun debate in America heats up. Women we spoke with say its empowering, a confidence booster, and most importantly an […]

Well armed women start blossoming on Central Whidbey

NATHAN WHALEN,  Whidbey Examiner Staff                                            posted May 9, 2013 at 2:10 PM Three gun enthusiasts are forming a group on Central Whidbey Island to provide a supportive, encouraging environment for women interested in learning every aspect of shooting. The Well Armed Woman Whidbey Island Chapter is looking for members. The group is holding its first meeting and […]