Thank you for welcoming women to participate in a #NotMe Day event at your facility on June 6, 2020. On this day, women across the country will show they are “empowered self-protectors” and that women refuse to be a victim. Your willingness to participate is this very important day is a tangible way for you to connect with more local women and make a clear statement of support for women self-protectors.

Women are encouraged to visit their local shooting range anytime throughout the day on June 6, 2020 to help make their voices heard.

Each participant will fire three rounds to symbolize:
I am empowered,
I am prepared,
I will not be a victim.

Shooting range participation is crucial not only to the event’s success, but as an integral part in a woman’s journey towards firearms education and self-protection.

As a way to facilitate participation, TWAW Shooting Chapters will host a listing of shooting ranges participating in #NotMe Day. Simply fill out this brief form to get your facilities listed.

Other ways to get involved as a host range:

Hang information flyers in your range

List #NotMe day as an event on your website

Post information on your website and social media pages