Inspired by a stirring speech from Susan LaPierre, TWAW Shooting Chapters invites women across the country to head to a shooting range on Saturday, June 6th, 2020 for #NotMe Day to stand in solidarity with women self-protectors and show the world they refuse to be a victim or to say #NeverAgain to ever being a victim again.

Each participant will fire three rounds to symbolize:
I am empowered,
I am prepared,
I will not be a victim.

“Women are tired of being the prey of violent criminals and are doing what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones.” Shares Carrie Lightfoot, #NotMe Day Organizer and founder of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters.  “#NotMe Day is an opportunity for all women to join together and show the world that women refuse to be forever bound to the unequal battlefield of violence.” Lightfoot continued.

Ways to Participate:

CLICK HERE to Get counted among our numbers – find participating ranges here. Local range fees may apply

-Although This is a FREE event, TWAW Shooting Chapters would be very grateful for any contribution you can make to support our work empowering women across the country

If you’re not able to get to the range, you can still make your voice heard by sharing your testimony or personal statements of #NotMe and #NeverAgain on social media and tag @TWAWShootingChapters.

Purchase an official #NotMe target

Make a donation to TWAW Shooting Chapters

Do you own a shooting range? Get it listed on our site of participating ranges  here