Women’s firearm education group launches

July 26, 2018

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  • Jul 25, 2018

To give women an opportunity to practice firearms use and safety while in a female-friendly environment, gun-education group Well Armed Woman held its launch meeting Monday at B-Tactical gun range and training academy in Caddo Mills.

The organization will continue to meet on the third Wednesday of each month, with each meeting night to include an education session (open to non-members) followed by shooting practice (requires a membership).

“Due to having more strength, men are able to do things incorrectly (like their grip) and still get away with it, so it’s more important that we, as women, practice proper technique,” said instructor Shelly Simmons. “From my nine years of experience, I’ve found that women like to learn from other women in a way that’s very visual and hands-on.”

In addition to learning proper shooting techniques and firearm maintenance, the Well Armed Woman program will also concentrate on the mental aspect of self-defense.

“The gun is not the end all and be all. It’s the absolute last resort,” Simmons said. “It’s mostly about training your brain, and pay attention, pay attention, pay attention … basically, [we do] a lot of work on situational awareness.”

School safety concerns could be seen as a driver for Well Armed Woman’s clientele list, particularly with though the Republican Party of Texas adding a teacher-carry position to their platform this year – the party states that it supports providing school employees with the means to become certified and insured to carry a gun on campus.

But so far, Simmons says, not very many women who are teachers have taken her courses.

“When I taught in the Dallas area, most of the women came from a professional, corporate background, and not teaching” Simmons said. “I would say, though, that if you’re certified to carry in a school, you better be very, very proficient. You should have to take a very challenging shooting test at least once every six months to keep your certificate.”

The next meeting of Well Armed Woman will be Aug. 15, at 6 p.m. at B-Tactical gun range and training academy in Caddo Mills, 2975 West Interstate Highway 30, in Caddo Mills.

Anyone interested in learning more about Well Armed Woman can call 972-900-9393 or email shelly@secondamendmentfirearms.com.